Spine surgery



Spine surgery in the Balearic Islands

The tranquility and well-being of our patients are pillars in our work. We have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience. This has allowed us to return thousands of people to a healthy and happy life.

For this reason, we apply the most advanced techniques that allow a quick post-operative, with less pain and a better recovery. In addition, we keep the patient informed at all times so that they are relaxed, knowing that they are in the best hands.


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What types of surgery do we perform?

Minimally invasive surgery

The important things also occur after the surgery. Therefore, at EGP Neurosurgery we bet on a brief post-operative and with better rehabilitation.

Biportal endoscopic spine surgery

Dr. Elsa González is the first women in Europe that applies this technique. A faster rehabilitation, with less pain and less time at the hospital for a better health.

Spine surgery

Experience, knowledge and the best clinics at Balearic Islands. This combination allows us to solve the pains and illnesses of our patients day by day.

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