Head surgery



Cranial surgery in the Balearic Islands

The brain, like any other area of the human body, is susceptible to illness or injury. Therefore, for serious problems, it is best that you have the best doctors in the Balearic Islands, the best equipment and the best techniques.

From explorations and diagnosis with the most advanced material to the intervention of brain tumors or vascular neurosurgery, among others. In this way, we accompany our patient from the first moment until his recovery. All this, with the best professionals in neurosurgery in the Balearic Islands.


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What types of surgery do we perform?

Minimally invasive surgery

The important things also occur after the surgery. Therefore, at EGP Neurosurgery we bet on a brief post-operative and with better rehabilitation.

Vascular neurosurgery

On complex surgeries, the best professionals will come along with you from beginning to end. ith minimally invasive techniques and a constant patient care, EGP Neurosurgery will bring back to you health and peace at all times.

Brain tumor

The best instruments, techniques, equipment and knowledge of the Balearic Islands. The best hands to solve the important troubles.

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